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V50 ThinQ 5G comes with 6. On this page, you will get a lot of hidden secret codes.

LG V50 Android 10 Update (LG UX9)

You can use these codes on any Android device, to access a lot of different service menus such as knowledgeable information, and other amazing things. No doubt that these secret codes will work on all cell phones.

LG V50 ThinQ

First, you should read the instruction about codes then you can use on your cell phone. It may cause deletes app data and apps. I would strongly recommend you to create a backup on any device before using this secret code. When you install the screen, you are limited down to p on the main screen instead of the full p that the P-OLED screen has to offer. It was unusual in the first couple days and some actions like taking photos can be awkward.

The fingerprint sensor is also inaccessible when the dual-screen is flipped all the way around, but the face unlock feature worked most of the time. When you flip the screen back to use just one, the second screen will shut off until it's pulled back up. I found that it saves the app you're on, so you will be right where you left off.

LG Dual Screen review: A foldable enigma

Just make sure to install the "Wiz Lock" app as it allows you to interact with both screens at once. If you open the same app that is open already on the opposite display then it will automatically appear on the current display you are using while it disappears from the display it was showing on before you tapped on the same app again. Having the second screen was useful in some cases, such as reading a website and taking notes, using two messaging apps at once, web browsing and watching a video, or using the gamepad to play games.

I don't think the added bulk is worth it for most people, but if you feel a second screen could improve your smartphone experience, the LG Dual Screen has good build quality and is executed well with simple software that just works. It's a less expensive dual display folding experience than either the Galaxy Fold or Mate X will offer soon. The LG V50 is a well-rounded and refined phone, but it's hard to recommend at the high price. The Galaxy S10 5G is the same price as the V50 and both share very similar features. Other phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy S10e can be found at much lower prices if you don't live in an area with 5G just yet.

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Top spy software for LG V40/V50 ThinQ - Spy on LG V40/V50 ThinQ

If you're the tech expert in the family or in your neighborhood, how do you respond to a call for help when a personal visit isn't an option? Take these four steps right now to ensure that We've now seen a few foldable phones hit the market, but that technology still has a ways to go for widespread adoption.

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Windows 10 new design: Microsoft shows off new Start Menu and app icons. LG's desktop mode on the is still in early stages, but it does make some improvements on the version that's built into Android. While the app drawer is just a huge grid of icons, the home screen does look a bit better than vanilla Android.

It's then shown running the game, a web browser, and a video editing app all at the same time in separate windows that you can move around the screen. While LG's version of desktop mode could still use some work, it's nice to see it included with the V50 ThinQ's version of Android It can make getting work done using your phone easier since you're able to hook your phone up to a much larger display, and since you're using your phone rather than logging in on someone else's desktop, you've got all your data and apps with you.

Don't forget to VOTE! Vote now and contribute to the industry's most relevant weekly ranking charts. View the discussion thread. For example, if you need 2 lines with 1 GB of data each, you would select 2 GB of data with the data slider below. Alex Wagner. Beau Hamilton. LG V50 ThinQ. January 22, 0 shares 0. Would you use a desktop mode like this if your phone had it?