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I am muddying my email account with more communication etc. I am also frustrating my friends who struggle to get in touch and sometimes have to go out of their way to communicate.

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However, it is rewarding because I have become more organised and learned to plan properly. I have the exciting feeling of being on my own a lot, with no safety net allowing me to check if friends will arrive or trains will be on time.

List of iOS devices - Wikipedia

I probably will get a phone again, but I will never have social media accounts. My aim is to fully understand the values we are losing by having phones and the benefits we gain, and then to consciously make a decision of how I will communicate, via phone and other means, going forward. I am not averse to technology and own an iPad. Last year, while standing in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam looking at the most extraordinary self-portrait by Rembrandt, a man walked past and took a photo of the painting on his phone.

He then quickly moved on.

Adding Radio Functionality to Your iPhone

For me, this exemplifies the way in which smartphones interfere with our real-life interactions. I still have a landline at home, and at work there are telephones in the office that ring all day.


I can be contacted via email too. I check emails on various work or home computers periodically through the day. I do not want to be in the constantly reactive state that owning a smartphone seems to demand. My phone is so old now that a decision will need to be made in the near future about what replaces it.

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There are enough accessible alternative modes of communicating with people for me not to need a single device that does everything. Three years ago, after moving to Italy, I gave up my cellphone. The television went 10 years ago and I never looked back. I hate TV. Giving up my phone meant I lost my ability to navigate unfamiliar terrain or to call for help when I got lost which I often did.

But guess what?

How to Check Voicemail on an iPhone When It Dies

I survived without it. The upside was I was fully alive and present with what was happening right in front of me.

Unwanted distractions were no longer forced upon me. Any changes you make to your voicemails when you call from another line, such as deleting a message, will be applied to your iPhone when you recharge it.

Cyberbullying, Haters, and Trolls

Dial your cell phone number from another phone, including your area code. Since your iPhone has no battery life, it will not ring, and you will be sent directly to your voicemail service.

Press " " or " " key to stop your outgoing message, depending on your wireless provider. Most providers use one of these keys to interrupt the outgoing voicemail message, so if one key does not work, try the other.

How the NSA Could Bug Your Powered-Off iPhone, and How to Stop Them

Listen to the voice prompts to determine which key should be pressed to hear messages. To skip a message, press the " " key. Lara Webster has been writing professionally since Skip to main content.