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The only requirement is that the membership or loyalty cards must come with barcodes to be stored in your Samsung Pay account. So, instead of cashing it out and absorbing the transactions fees, the use of Samsung Pay can actually help you to save some bucks. By using the NFC, it enables your phone to make unlimited transactions at the payment terminal in close proximity.

Samsung Galaxy S4 User Guide

What it does is it allow Samsung phones emit magnetic signals, imitating the magnetic strip at the back of a debit or credit card. Besides, it also makes Samsung Pay compatible and usable in older payment terminals. After saving your card details, all you have to do is follow the card verification instructions on your screen.

So, to make a payment using Samsung Pay, all you have to do is by opening the app.

Then, pick your desired card for payment. Next, hold your phone near the payment terminal. The wallet features of G Pay that is derived directly from Google Wallet. Similar to Samsung Pay, you can store your bank, debit, credit, and membership card details all in one place.

As a bonus point, Google Pay user can also store concert tickets, and boarding passes all in the wallet. When it comes to in-person transactions, Google Pay primarily uses NFC technology to let any mobile devices connect to compatible terminals. However, when you use your overall Google account to log into Google Pay, it automatically connects your PC browsers to your account.

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Not only it lets you make in-app purchases from apps connected to the Play Store, but it also makes inputting payment details on online retailing websites through your browser a lot easier. Additionally, using the Google Pay Send feature, you can easily transfer money to your friends on your contact list quickly and safely. To use Google Pay on your mobile phone, you need to have the app installed. Then, open the app and login with your Google account.

You can also link your Paypal to your G Pay account. Do note, however, that you need to set a phone lock code before you can use this app to make any payment. Using your Google Pay to make purchases in a physical terminal is an easy task. You just need to tap the Google Pay button on the payment terminal, unlock your phone and wait for the payment confirmation.

Apart from physical payments, you can also use Google Pay to conduct in-app purchases and online purchases using your Chrome web browser. To make in-app purchases, just tap the Google Pay button in an app that supports payment.

However, if you use a credit card for purchases using your account, you will be charged an additional 2. However, only certain Samsung devices can use this feature. While Google Pay is available in more than countries, its features vary depending on the place. Google product purchases and Chrome browser auto-fill are available in all countries where this payment platform is available.

Meanwhile, in-app purchases and online purchases are only available in more than 70 countries. In-person transactions, on the other hand, are only available in about 29 countries, and Google Pay Send is only available in the US and India.

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The devices compatible with Google Pay are Android phones with Android 4. Their phones also need to be compatible with NFC Technology for it to work properly. Unfortunately, this service has been discontinued and was not carried over to Google Pay during the merge with Android Pay.

[Q] Instagram blocked my device

Yes, and Samsung Pay makes use of four main layers of protection. Second is the authentication feature of the app itself, where every transaction needs to be PIN Code verification, fingerprint or iris scan. Another security feature that this app uses is Tokenization.

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How to remove bloatware from your Samsung Galaxy S8 - CNET

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