Top cell phone tracker application Xiaomi Mi 9T

1. Change Pop-Up Camera Sound Effects
  1. Choose location settings (Android 9.0)
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Thereby it turns itself into a go-to choice for anyone looking for a reliable and a powerful mid-range smartphone. Whenever you open or close the camera, a sound effect follows it. The Mi 9T also lets you customize these sound effects, just like other phones with a pop-up selfie camera, but the setting to do that is bit difficult to locate. To change the pop-up camera sound effects, jump into the Settings app, and then scroll down over to the Additional Settings. From there, select the Front camera effect option.

Once again, you can change this animation, but the setting hides in an unconventional location.

Choose location settings (Android 9.0)

Here, tap on the Manage fingerprints option and then enter your password to proceed to the next step. Then, in the following menu, select Fingerprint animation.

And guess what? The phone does have it. To turn on the always-on display, head over to the Settings app, and then select the Display settings. Here, choose the Ambient display option.

Here are the best Xiaomi phones you can buy — Our top picks

Yep, the Mi 9T has that as well. To turn on dark mode, head over to the display settings and then tap on the toggle next to the Dark mode option. And there you have it, and the system-wide dark mode is now turned on. This time around, Xiaomi has improved on the gaming mode for this device, and it packs in a host of features that you might not have even heard of. To turn it on, jump into the Security app on the device, scroll down to the bottom, and select the Game speed boost option. That will take you to the new Gaming Mode interface instantly.

Tapping on the settings cog in the top right corner will take you to the Booster settings where you can tweak the Gaming Mode further.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review: Monster 108-megapixel camera can really zoom

For instance, you can adjust the performance optimizations, in-game shortcuts, memory exceptions, and more. I spent the last few weeks with it; let me walk through what you get in this small-ish handset for your money. The biggest feature on the Mi 9 SE is its compact size: featuring a 5. Shaving off those few millimeters actually helps a great deal when it comes to making this phone easy to use with one hand: I rarely had issues swipe-typing or reaching menu buttons at the top or bottom of the screen.

It looks great, and is fairly readable in daylight. As far as I know, Xiaomi is one of the only companies to still include this in , and I applaud it for doing so. The sound from the mono bottom-mounted speaker is decent, and loud enough for watching videos or playing games in a quiet room.

The Mi 9 SE is armed with a 2. This package allows for smooth performance across most social, productivity, navigation, and media apps, and you should have no problem getting through all your mobile tasks without ever seeing a second of lag. That said, the phone did stumble a fair bit when I fired up the camera. The app itself takes a second to load, as it did when I switched between modes.

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As for games, most titles ran smoothly with no hiccups, including Asphalt 9 and Shadow Fight 3. Overall, the Mi 9 SE is no slouch, and it comfortably got me through a day of use, which included navigating with Google Maps, shooting photos, browsing, gaming, replying to email, and watching videos.

With three lenses and a ton of software imaging features, the Mi 9 SE is a versatile shooter.